The benefits of a modular stand solution

The benefits of a modular stand - Interface WorldwideWhen attending trade shows, it is important to stand out from the crowd and create a positive impression. There are many different factors that come into this, however there’s no denying that one thing that remains the core of any exhibition is your exhibition stand. Marketing professionals around the world hunt for compelling and alluring exhibition stands that will help their brand stand apart. One of the key decisions can be whether to go for a modular or custom exhibition stand. Both modular and custom exhibition stands have their respective advantages and disadvantages depending what your goal is for the event. Custom build stands are built to meet your exact brand display needs and will give your company the wow factor, but there are times where due to budget, time constraints, or available manpower an alternative must be explored. As we head back to regular exhibitions some organisations are finding that the latest modular units give a sophisticated, flexible, and cost-effective option.

What is a Modular stand?

Simply put, a modular exhibition stand is a display stand that is made up of separate components, all of which fit together to make up a complete stand.  Long gone are the days where a pop-up trade show display was the only available modular exhibition stand option. Modular stands come in every size and design with prefabricated parts making the installation and dismantling simple and quick. The choices available are vast and include sophisticated audio-visual options that elevate the overall look of a stand. All these factors combined make modular systems a great solution for every exhibition.

6 Advantages of using Modular Exhibition Stands

  1. Customizable Display
    Modular stands will effectively add a stylish edge to the display of your exhibition stand. These stands can be tailored with your brand graphics, giving you’re a clear bespoke look to your stand without the high price point.
  2. Adaptable dimensions
    Modular exhibition stands are easily adaptable to changing space dimensions. Whether you have a small exhibition space or raw space, modular booths find its feet perfectly onto these spaces. Additional sections can be added on or removed when your footprint changes from one show to the next.
  3. Reusable
    An advantage of modular stands is the longevity it offers and the reusability it vaunts. Invest in the modular exhibition stands once and reuse them for multiple shows.
  4. Easy to assemble
    The pre-fabricated parts of the modular stands help in easy installation and dismantling. You can save time and extra labour costs using the modular stands.
  5. Easy to transport
    Being portable is one of the best features of modular booths. This feature lets the exhibitor transport the entire stand in a hassle-free way.
  6. Budget Friendly
    If you are exhibiting with tight budget constraints then the modular display is the best choice. It will help you in getting a high ROI without investing much. Modular exhibition stands will provide a significant impact on your audience. Moreover, the modular display requires less maintenance cost and can be used time and time again with minimal upkeep. Creating a something that truly stands out in a busy event hall is certainly no easy feet and will undoubtedly be harder with a modular unit vs a unique custom build. However, if you are looking for brand presence, consistency of message and optimum space utilization without the price tag, a modular stand could be the right solution for you. When choosing who to work with on your stand remember to be picky, just because you aren’t designing from scratch your stand can still have an impact on your customers and can have the wow treatment in terms of design. Work with an experienced team of stand design and builders that will bring their knowledge and experience of large custom builds to every project. If you are interested in discussing your event plans and discovering what stand solution is right for you contact our team today.

A Stand Solution to Meet Your Needs

The benefits of a modular stand - Examples - Interface Worldwide