Driving Sustainability in the Events Industry

We have placed sustainability as a vital part of our ongoing business strategy because we understand the increasing importance of this within the events industry as a whole. As a team we have been working hard in recent years to embed sustainability into our business culture and practices. This includes creating a sustainability team that meets regularly, adopting a new sustainability policy, and pro-actively reviewing construction materials and build methods aiming to reduce the impact of our activities. As an ESSA accredited organisation we are already demonstrating high levels of compliance and standards in our work. We are taking that a step further by working towards our sustainability accreditation through ESSA.

Our Sustainability Achievements

Carbon Footprint Reduction

A large carbon footprint can often be seen as an unavoidable impact of global events. We believe that this is not the case and we have a robust strategy to not only reduce our carbon footprint by being smart around transport of staff and materials, but also offset some of our essential journeys.
To ensure that we stay on top of this we have engaged an independent sustainability consultant to thoroughly review and calculate our progress. In addition to reviewing our annual overall company footprint, we are now also focussing on several specific case study projects, creating invaluable insights as to how reduce the impact of individual projects.

Sustainable & Reusable Resources

All timber is certified as FSC, from sustainable sources, making sure we are building stands using top quality materials that are resourced responsibly. As we have a large workshop and warehouse in the West London area we are able to store and reuse a proportion of the exhibition stands.

Dust to Bricks

Within the workshop we have a briquette machine which has facilitated all cutting and dust making machines to be bagless with all harmful dust piped straight to the briquette machine. The compressed briquettes serve as a source of fuel for the incinerator that is used to heat the open spaces in the colder months. These bricks, along with any non reusable elements of chalet and stands projects that would have previously gone to waste disposal, provide more than enough heat for the team to stay toasty in the winter. In fact when a surplus is built up we donate the briquettes to charities for use as fuel.

Our Central Sustainable Hub

Our head office, warehouse and workshop are all on one central site in Harefield. This has enabled us to invest in creating a highly sustainable environment to work together as a wider team and make the most of the space and materials we have. It also means we can support the agencies and brands we work with by offering efficient storage and transport of their stands. Storing and reusing their stand and branded materials, storing and shipping marketing collateral for the events along with the stand. Something that is so straightforward but rarely happens because the collateral is often stored and shipped from a different site.