• A luxury cruise holiday provider was looking to create a unique futuristic immersive experience on their new flagship vessel.

  • Ouno Creative, a full-service creative agency, developed an immersive concept and a visually stunning creative design that met the brief perfectly.

  • They reached out to us to use our carpentry knowledge to build the high quality futuristic looking table for their client.


  • Using 3 x 75” screens we provided a seamless touch screen tabletop that could be adapted to facilitate an immersive experience for individuals, large or small groups.
  • The table base was built to look sleek and modern but also withstand heavy use, the sectional metal frame was clad and sprayed to give a high gloss finish, with blue and white LED lighting at the base and sides.
  • Each screen unit was toughened and scratch proof to withstand any potential damage from spillages or impact.


  • A futuristic looking interactive table employing the latest technologies was delivered and installed on the flagship vessel in time of for the first voyagers to arrive.
  • The table fitted in seamlessly to the high spec lounge which included a robot bartender!
  • “We were impressed with the quality of finish on the table, the Interface team knew exactly what we wanted to achieve and delivered on schedule and to budget.”