• To showcase Daikin’s diverse and complex multi-product offer spanning domestic, commercial and industrial products at the world’s biggest eco exhibition
  • To position Daikin as the multi-sector brand leader and engage discrete vertical audiences


  • Developed a 221sqm, high specification custom build exhibition stand with full span ceiling and also high-impact branding
  • The stand design enabled a seamless customer journey
  • Included interactive video to maximise engagement and thus talk directly to discrete vertical audiences while clearly and simply presenting their product ranges


  • Creating individual storyboards for specific products/segments boosted product appeal to discrete vertical audiences
  • Minimised environmental impact via sustainable stand production
  • The superior build quality, use of genuine high specification fixtures and fittings, and high impact signage boosted Daikin’s brand perceptions. In particular, their credentials as an ecological and market leader that’s a ‘cut-above’
eco construction brand exhibition design