About Us

We’re a global brand experience company providing great design and high quality interior and exterior building solutions. We specialise in creating brand interfaces to inspire and engage customers and employees alike.

What makes us different and better?

Brand front and centre

Everything we do is focussed on understanding and expressing the ‘essence’ of your brand, as well as meeting your marketing objectives

Collaborative and creative

Whatever your challenge, through 30 years hard-won experience, combining our multi-disciplinary team with yours, we’ll find a solution. You also find us flexible and easy to work with, thus lifting the load on you

Reliability guaranteed

By employing experienced project managers, teams, and utilising our amazing global networks, we get even the most complex builds completed – on time, on budget and anywhere in the world

Robust and sustainable building

Quality is our watchword. We use materials that look good, endure, and wherever possible are sustainable. Thus presenting you in the best light as well as saving the planet

Leading edge technology

Whatever the message, we use digital technology to create printable, audio-visual or immersive brand experiences to inspire and engage

Talk to us

How we work – brand experience concept to delivery

At the outset, we want to understand you, your brand, challenge and needs. Then we recommend a design solution matched to your budget.
Through discussion and following approval of materials and finishes we then produce 3D renders and/or technical drawings and specifications for manufacture.
We also ensure necessary health and safety compliance.

From the get go, we appoint one of our Project Managers to work with you. They will coordinate and speak with you and our team, thus ensuring all goes smoothly.
Construction takes place in our own workshops and using our own craftsmen thus ensuring our exacting standards.
We also create and embed brand graphics and integrate the latest audio-visual technology to get your message across.
We also integrate event analytics too.

Typically we then ship the building materials wherever needed and complete construction on site.
Under the watchful eye of our Project Manager we also ensure all goes to plan.
If needed we also create flexible or modular structures or store materials so they can be reused or recycled. Thus saving you more.

Throughout we work seamlessly with you thus lifting your load.
All leads to a brand experience that truly inspires and also engages your customers. Thus boosting awareness, trial, leads, retention, sales, endorsements and your bottom line.